Foot Drop Brace

Ortino Foot Drop Brace is a medical device used to support and strengthen the ankle. This product is suitable for people who have problems such as ankle muscle weakness, inability to move the ankle, and foot drop. Using a foot drop brace can improve movement control and increase comfort throughout the day

The Foot Drop Brace is designed to help those suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, MS and diabetes manage symptoms associated with foot drop to walk more comfortably.Flexible design works with all your favorite shoes.


• Quik-fit system

• Universal product: can be worn both left and right!

• Reinforced Velcro System

• Very durable material

• High wearing comfort

• Can also be worn during sports (cycling, walking, etc.)


• Partial paresis of the foot lifters (foot drop)

• Damage to the nerve(s) of the lower leg

• Difficulty raising the foot (foot lifter’s paresis)

• Damage to the muscle(s) of the lower leg

• Decreased strength in the lower leg