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Ortino advanced belts

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Ortino advanced knee braces
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Introducing Ortino medical belts

Ortino’s medical belts are designed with the use of advanced pulley system, 3D fabric technology, memory foam pad, according to the anatomy of the spine. These belts are produced in three classes: LO to support the lumbar region, LSO to support the pelvic, lumbar and back region and TLSO to support the pelvic, lumbar, back and neck region. View Ortino’s medical belts.

Introducing Ortino medical knee braces

In many problems that arise for the knee, such as severe injuries of the cruciate ligaments of the knee, conventional knee braces in pharmacies cannot properly support the knee and its surroundings. In these cases, functional knee braces should be used. As the first licensed functional knee brace in Iran, Ortino’s advanced knee brace has excellent support for the knee with various features such as height adjustment and rotation angle adjustment, and at the same time, it is light and comfortable. Also, advanced Post OP knee brace is a very suitable option to support the knee after various surgeries. Ortino Unloader Knee Brace is also very effective and efficient for the treatment of joint arthrosis and the problems caused by it.

Introducing Ortino's hand orthoses

The hand is one of the most sensitive and important parts of the body, which is subject to many bone injuries. By designing the best and most advanced hand and elbow orthoses, Ortino has taken an effective step towards the treatment of hand diseases, for example, Ortino’s advanced wrist brace with premium features such as the use of the Quick Fit pulley system and first-class material is one of the most advanced The most known products in this field.

Introducing Ortino foot orthoses

Ortino has designed and produced orthoses and advanced devices for the treatment of foot diseases. Ortino’s advanced ankle brace with Quick Fit pulley mechanism is known as the most advanced and professional foot orthosis in the country. Also, foot drop and foot drop plus braces, which are used to treat foot drop, are designed and made based on correct foot ergonomics.

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