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lo brace

The LO Ortino pulley medical belt is a valuable product in supporting the lumbar region of the patient and is based on the platform of the American Exhaust company. The word LO means orthosis (assistive device) in the lumbar region, which is an abbreviation of the following words: Lumbar Orthosis

Ortino medical belt LO model is a light and quality product that provides excellent support to the lumbar vertebrae. This belt is useful and effective for those who have chronic back pain during activity, those who sit a lot and those who have heavy activities (such as employees, athletes, workers, etc.).


• Lower back pain, sprains, or strains
• Spondylolisthesis (Slip of the lumbar vertebrae on top of each other)
• Postoperative protection of the intervertebral disc herniation
• Severe stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the back
• Osteoarthritis (inflammation of the bones and cartilage)
• Osteoporosis (osteoporosis)



• Pulley system to apply uniform force
• Memory foam pad
• Modular Design, Low profile-fit
• Lightweight, Breathable Mesh Material, Washable
• Easily Adjustable Support

Most braces come with a set of cleaning instructions that you should follow. For most of them, a mild soap or laundry detergent and cold water will do the trick. Allow the brace to air-dry; in most cases, it shouldn’t go in the clothes dryer.
Made of material that wicks away moisture and featuring stays that help prevent rolling, our lumbosacral supports are durable and long-lasting. Back Support Beltsfor Back Pain – Lumbosacral, Lumbar, Sacroiliac & Lower Back Support Belts.
Wearing a brace as prescribed by your physician, may provide relief, promote healing, and help prevent future problems. Back braces can: Immobilize injured areas and assist in recovery. Stabilize areas of weakness immediately after surgery.