LSO Brace

LSO Ortino advanced medical belt is a unique product to support the lumbar and pelvic area of the patient and is one of the important features of treatment. The word LSO means orthosis (assistive device) in the lumbar and pelvic region, which is an abbreviation of the following words: Lumbar Sacral (pelvic vertebrae) Orthosis In the following, you will get to know the special and unique features of the LSO Ortino medical belt.

Ortino medical belt model LSO (lumbosacral) is designed and produced based on the product of the American company Exos. This product supports the vertebrae of the spine (in the lumbar and back area) well and puts them in a standard position. The LSO belt is effective and efficient for improving spinal canal stenosis, inter vertebral disc protrusion, stretching of back muscles and osteoporosis.


• Intervertebral disc herniation

• Pre & Post-Surgery Pain

• Spinal Stenosis

• Intervertebral disc herniation

• Chronic Back Pain

• Osteoarthritis

• Osteoporosis


• Pulley system to apply uniform force

• Comfort Foam: Conforms to the unique contours of a patient’s body, adjusts instantly to individual movements.

• Adjustable Belt Wings: Modifiable belt accommodates varying patient body structures for optimal fit.

• Modular Design: Step-up / Step-down design allows for single brace use through rehabilitation and recovery.

• Lightweight, Breathable Mesh Material

• Easily Adjustable Support

The abdominal pad in this belt is made of polyamide material, so it has high flexibility and has a springy state and forms well on the stomach.
The pad used in the Lso model is a type of breathable polyurethane that is produced in 3D and has grooves for air circulation. This pad is completely breathable and works to reduce sweating.
There is no problem in choosing the size using the sizing table. Just note that the waist size is measured in the belly area (navel area).
Yes, it is suitable for the treatment of intervertebral disc protrusion in the lumbar and pelvic vertebrae