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Spinomed Brace

Spinomed medical belt is considered as one of the newest TLSO class medical belts, with premium and unique features. This product keeps the spine arches in a standard state. It is very small and light and can be easily worn under the main clothes. In the following, the features and uses of this product will be explained. This is a multipurpose belt!

Ortino Spinomed medical belt is a professional medical belt specially designed and produced by Ortino. This product acts as an effective solution for the treatment of spine, back and lower neck problems using several technologies used in it.

  • Osteoarthritis (bone and cartilage inflammation)
  • Back bending and kyphosis: This product keeps the spine in its standard and natural state and is a very suitable solution for treating back bending.
  • Osteoporosis: maintaining the structure of the spine in the face of osteoporosis in old age
  • after surgery: stabilization of pelvic, lumbar and back vertebrae in the rehabilitation period after surgery
  • Spine Support: Effective stabilization and relief of the spine for protective-functional therapy
  • Supporting the spine in the condition of back muscle weakness

Ortino’s advanced Spinomed belt has several advantages:

  • The advanced system of straps according to the principle of the backpack: the straps are easily tightened and loosened and the degree of tightness of the belt is adjusted. This important advantage makes effective use of the product in various daily activities.
  • Lightweight: this belt is light and comfortable so that you feel its existence less when using it!
  • Slim and compact structure: The slim and beautiful geometry of this product has increased comfort, reduced sweating and the possibility of using it under the main clothes.
  • Advanced aluminum splint: The main pillar of this product is made of special grade aluminum. The advanced materials used in the splint have made it springy and flexible.
  • Adjustable according to body geometry: The Spinomed belt is adjustable in different directions and can be precisely adjusted to the size and shape of each person’s body.
  • Use of first-class and breathable materials: This belt is made of breathable and high-quality fibers that make it comfortable and reduce sweating during use.
  • No contact with the armpit: Spinomed is the only product in this class that does not come into contact with the armpit and does not cause any discomfort in this area.

Osteoporosis patients suffer from several postural problems in the event of a fracture of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine.

One of the most important of these problems is bending and humping in the back and lumbar region. Vertebral fractures can lead to curvature of the upper back so that the upper body of the patient leans forward. This is where Spinomed’s advanced medical belt uses the principle of biofeedback to deal with this problem. By using its unique design, it corrects the alignment of the spine and helps the patient to stand properly.

Using Spinomed reduces pain and reduces bending in the back. Due to the removal of pressure from the thoracic vertebrae, it increases the breathing capacity and improves lung function and helps the patient to breathe more easily. It also strengthens the abdominal and side muscles.

Spinomed Brace

Spinomed Brace