Advantages of using a carbon artificial leg such as the Trustep may include:

1. Lightness and strength: Carbon materials are very light and used as structural materials, which makes the artificial leg as light and strong as possible. This feature facilitates movement and reduces stress on a person’s physical needs.

Flexibility and adaptation: Trustep carbon claw has the ability to adjust and adapt to individual needs. This flexibility allows people to adjust the prosthetic leg in a way that best meets their needs.

Ease of use: Trustep carbon claw is designed for easy use and convenience of users. These features include easy installation and removal of the artificial leg and minimal pressure points on the skin.
Durability: Trustep carbon claws have high durability and resistance to pressure and damage, which allows users to use them for a long time.

Important features of the Trustep carbon artificial leg can include the following:

Use of carbon fibers: One of the important advantages of Trustep’s carbon artificial foot is the use of carbon materials as its main component. Carbon artifacts are usually lighter and stronger than other materials.
Tri-Axial movement capability: This capability creates a more natural and anatomically better movement in the paw and provides a better fit with the ground while walking.
Advanced shock absorbers: The advanced shock absorbers and dampers in this product absorb various pressures that are applied to the paw while walking.
Various adjustments: This prosthetic leg may have adjustable settings that allow the individual to adjust and match their needs regarding the flexibility and performance of the prosthetic leg.
Personal fit: The Trustep carbon claw must be customized, fitted and adjusted by technical orthopedic and prosthetics experts for the amputee to ensure a better fit and optimal performance of the prosthetic leg.


Trustep Carbon Toe or Prosthetic Leg is a type of artificial leg that is specifically designed for people who have lost a leg or lower leg or need an artificial leg.

This product is a high-tech artificial leg made using carbon materials and modern technologies.

Trustep is built using advanced technologies and precision engineering to help people improve their foot movement and function and engage in everyday activities.

Trustep is made of various materials including engineered polymers, advanced rubber dampers, carbon fiber and advanced alloys. This artificial leg has many adjustable options that allow people to adjust and adapt to their needs regarding the flexibility and movement of the artificial leg.